About Us

Hi, Welcome to Operation Jesus Christ Deaf Ministries! My name is Andrew Lower. I have been a Deaf Pastor for over 7 years. I believe God has put an Outreach Program & Ministries on my heart to spread the Gospel even further. My hope is our wonderful Operation JC Deaf Ministries blog & vlog will help all who view this in their lives and walk with God.

Our mission is to establish a Deaf Ministry Outreach Program designed to spread God's Word and Grace to 350 million Deaf worldwide. Sadly according to a study, only 98% of the Deaf in the world claimed to be not Christians. Operation JC's main goal is to provide evangelism, deaf materials/resources,  missionary work, revivals, deaf leadership training, online deaf communities, and prayers. We're fairly new and working on providing Operation JC news as often as possible, therefore, be sure to subscribe to OJC blog to receive our new posts in your email. We also have a Facebook Community Page: Operation JC Deaf Ministries Facebook

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to browse the blog and following us. Join us in the walk with God helping Deaf people SEE Jesus Christ! We really appreciate your prayers.

If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact us at Operation JC Email

God bless you!